The Best Bike Helmets to Protect Your Dome in 2021

Riding a bike under dark condition is not a fun story. Without enough light source, life is in a dangerous condition. On one hand, you can’t tell the road condition in front; on the other hand, you are not visible for vehicles. A light either on the bike or helmet is necessary to turn the dangerous situation. We would discuss the solution from the perceptive of helmet.

Some bike riders are tempting to save bucks on bike gear where they can. Buying a cheap helmet seems like a great way to save $20 or more. After all, a helmet is a protective gear. Experienced riders know that the helmet is  where you should spend the extra dough to get a quality one. For nighttime riders, visibility is critical. It’s not enough to wear high-contrast, reflective gear, you need an active lighting system to boot. Without a quality Led light helmet, it could be your head and brain that bear the brunt of that impact. Here are our pick for the best LED bike helmet you can buy right now.

The R6 PRO bike helmet features a battery-operated LED light integrated into the hard shell that can switch to 7 different color lights with different flashing models. In addition, it also has a remote to obtain a right turn left turn light as well as a brake warning light. Plus, the EPS foam and injected molded PC shell guarantees plenty of protection for most cycling adventures. The helmet comes with our patent adjuster that allows vertical and horizontal adjustment, and the dial support multiple customization.

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