Aurora Newest Horse Riding Helmet

#AU-H07 is Aurora’s newest equestrian helmet, according to our clients’ feedback that it is so adjustable and fit their head perfectly.

Many modern helmets look a bit too much like bicycle helmets, so it is time to try something new and elegant. Believe it or not, #AU-H07 looks perfect, and it is even specially made for Europeans heads!


#AU-H07 is quite plain, yet with so many gorgeous details! Everything from the seams to the silver details and cooling vents, it is not difficult to see that this helmet is high quality craftsmanship and excellent design. If you want bling, lacquer, logos or shield, you can literally design your own dream helmet, and everything is hand made.

One of the biggest advantage of this helmet is removable and washable inner lining, it is easy to check the helmet for any cracks and weak spots. If you feel the liner is old and want to change a new one, you can buy it in retailer store as it is available for separate selling.

Welcome to contact us if you are interested in it! 🙂