Bicycle helmets FAQ-2

Let’s continue with our discussion of helmet related questions.

3.Will I be protected by a helmet from another sport?

A helmet is designed for the specific conditions of each sport and may not protect against the forces generated in other sports. Each sport has its own safety standard developed by professionals and experts. We strongly suggest to use the helmet with safety standard accepted by the related association.

4.When Should I Replace My Helmet

people must replace the helmet after any crash where the helmet was hit. The foam is one-time use. It should be discarded once it get impacted because the foam lose its protective function. No matter how it looks like from outside. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer for an inspection. If your helmet is more than 5 years old or has a cloth cover, we recommend you to replace it.

5.Does This Helmet Fit Me as Well as it Should?

For best protection you want the helmet level and low on your head. So put thin pads in the top, or no pads at all. Adjust the side pads so that the helmet touches all the way around at the brim. Then adjust the straps so that the V on the sides meets just below your ear, and the chin strap is just snug against your chin but not too tight. Now shake your head. Then put your palm under the front edge and push up and back. Can you move the helmet more than an inch, exposing your bare forehead? If so, shorten the strap just in front of your ear, and loosen the rear nape strap behind your ear. The two straps should still meet just below your ear. Now reach back and grab the back edge. Pull up. Can you move the helmet more than an inch? If so, shorten the nape strap. If the front bumps on your glasses or sunglasses, tighten the nape strap. Now your helmet should be level, solid on your head and comfortable. You should forget you are wearing it most of the time, just like a seat belt or a pair of shoes.

If you have any other question or an insight, please feel free to contact us, we are so much delighted to chat with you!