What functions are there on smart helmets?

As smart helmet is a trend now, more and more new smart helmets have been launched into the market with different built in tech. Firstly, high-visibility lighting. Normally, there are LEDs scattered across its EPS foam and plastic shell on the helmets, such as below led helmet.

Secondly, built-in speakers. With integrated wireless Bluetooth speakers for listening the music and answering the phone calls without getting phone out.

Thirdly, emergency email notification in case of crash to enhance its safety capability.


Fourthly, warning left and right turn signals such as below picture.

Fifthly, handlebar remote such as below picture. A handlebar mountable remote control allows you to control the functions of the helmet from the bars, and even take pictures on a compatible connected phone.

For more functions, we will talk about it later and hope above information are all useful you.