The Importance of Head Protection for E-scooter riders

E-scooters can be seen everywhere in people’s lives in recent years. The need for sustainable urban mobility and modern transportation infrastructure is driving the transition from conventional to electric modes of transport. E-scooters are anticipated to have a positive influence on energy security and air quality. One of the major factors for the growth of the European electric scooters market is the rising concern over greenhouse gas emissions.

In the meanwhile, the using of Electric scooters arise another topic: safety. In the beginning, there are few people to wear a helmet. Many E-scooter riders suffered broken arms and head traumas. And your first E-scooter ride trip will probably land you in the hospital. There is a raised concern about the rising number of e-scooter riders hitting the roads and sidewalk due to the riders haven’t been properly trained to use the vehicle safely. In fact, one in three people injured on e-scooters gets hurt during their very first ride and almost half of these accidents resulted in head injuries. Therefore, Electric scooter riders are taking safety matters seriously.

However, not all helmets are created equally nor are all appropriate for electric scooters. no governing body has established a formal testing standard for e-scooter use, but the general consensus is that a standard bicycle helmet is appropriate for low-speed riding, while a motorcycle or bike helmet should be used for a high speed ride.

Based on the available information, our guidelines are as follows:

For riding below 20 mph in low-risk conditions, a helmet meeting bicycle safety standards should be appropriate. For even more protection, you can step it up to a downhill helmet — a type typically used by skateboard riders and downhill mountain bikers.

When assessing your risk level, keep a few things in mind:

-Riding at night or under poor visibility conditions is a higher risk

-Riding in poor weather e.g. snow or rain is a higher risk

-Riding at higher speeds or near your top speed for longer is a higher risk

-Riding on poor, highly-trafficked or roads without dedicated electric scooter/ bike lane is a higher risk

Another important consideration when choosing a helmet style is getting one that is comfortable and you will actually wear.

Wish you have a safe riding trip!