Intelligent mobility–Smart helmet with LED light

With the rise increasingly of e bike, balance scooters, and other intelligent mobility, smart helmet with LED light is also becoming a trend for road/ Urban cycling.

What light brings for?

An important function of a LED light is identifying your vehicle to oncoming or crossing traffic.

Light added to helmet or mounted on the bicycle provides the light that drivers are scanning for, to indicate that there is bicycle coming.

Rear lights work well on a helmet when combined with lights mounted further down on the bicycle. With a helmet light, a light under the saddle and a light at the level of the wheel axle, you have a better chance of being identified as a bicycle.

How it looks like?

There are more and more helmets comes to the market with rear light even a turning signals.

It usually comes with battery power for LED lights, since you can run much higher wattage lights and see better. Rechargeable batteries can keep the cost reasonable. The newest bicycle helmets are also with USB rechargeable cable like phone that offers a good user experience.

Turning signals also offer cyclists another experience to show their direction left or right which is catching more and more people’s eye recent days.

For example, like this below helmet with LED light, it comes with a remote controller that can be tied to bicycle bar. Pressing left button, only left half light flashing when you are going to turn left to show next cyclist behind you that you are going to turn left. Same as turning right.

How do you feel about it? Would you like to take a helmet to try?