Why you need a helmet that with turn signals?

Nowadays, more and more new smart helmets have been launched into the market. And many of them are with integrated turn signals as this is really a great selling point of the new products.


But why do cyclists need a smart helmet that with turn signals, just like the below one? What are the functions that worth us to pay for? Actually, the answers is quite simple-be seen and be safe.

Because there is no doubt that the warning turn signals can help cyclists stay safe and visible on the roads by warning the car and bus drivers of a cyclist’s presence.


For most of the smart helmets, turning signals have become part of the helmet and can be operated wirelessly via a remote attached to the handlebar. When a cyclist turns, he presses the left or right button on on the remote to turn on the appropriate signal.

Besides, the visibility is the most important thing to cyclist safety. So you must also make sure the led lights are bright enough.