Three Compelling Carbon Fiber Bike Helmets

In order to make world class helmets, Aurora Sports new helmet has been constructed of the most sophisticated composite materials and construction methods available. In-mold technology which combines Carbon composite shells, PC shells & EPS liner seamless together!

With an aerodynamic geometry developed to provide great ventilation, the result is a quicker and more comfortable ride!

Aurora helmet is ultra-low volume, lightweight and with best-in-class ventilation making it a no-brainer for cycling. These carbon fiber helmets offer the highest strength to weight ratio, rigidity and impact performance.

Here are the two mainly unique selling points of Aurora carbon fiber helmets:


Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Shell (CRP) provides an incredible strength to weight ratio, rigidity and impact performance. By carefully laminating fibers with different properties and directions, we’re able to create a super light, optimized helmet shell. An invention from the cold war put to good use.


Keeps your head cool. The number of vents and their configuration varies. The more vents, the cooler you will be.


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