Three Excellent Helmet Padding/Liner Materials Introduction

In order to make world class helmets, Aurora Sports pay great attention to each small helmet accessories! Today we are going to talk about the helmet padding, also known as liner & lining! To create a comfortable wearing experience, this part is especially important.


The basic requirement of the padding

  • Washable
  • Replaceable
  • Breathable


But these are just some basic requirements for Aurora Sports. We keep using new material which takes comfort and protection to a whole new level.


COOLMAX® Helmet Padding

Coolmax is a specialty “performance” knit fabric that is designed to breathe and to transport moisture away from the body. The fabric is not “slippery” like satin, and sometimes it scrunches up under a tight-fitting helmet. But it definitely seems to breathe better than the common material and is better for riding in hot weather. The Coolmax Helmet Liner combines two fabrics for one highly technical piece of headwear. Coolmax mesh fabric head covering minimizes bulk and promotes moisture transfer while Coolmax stretch fabric snugly covers ears and holds the liner in place under a helmet. Hot-pressing sealed construction avoids pinching, binding or hot spots. Comfortable fit for all head shapes.

Healthy Fabric Padding

Healthy Fabric also known as air layer cloth. It performs perfectly in hygroscopic and sweat releasing. Breathable, smooth & eco-friendly are it’s valued properties. It’s durable lifetime makes sure you won’t need to replace the padding easily!

Birds Eye Cloth Padding

Just like its name, Birds Eye Cloth has numerous mesh on the surface. This bring you a breathable experience! Antibacterial treatment ensure a healthy riding. Combined with our seamless heat pressing, all you can feel is comfortable.

Besides above good padding material, we are also developing PU padding & TPU air padding. All we want is provide a superior fitting experience for our customers!