The ultralight bicycle helmet — B091

Owing to the nature of sports such as cycling, roller skating and skateboarding, many of the accidents involve collisions at speed and, therefore, participants in these activities are always advised to wear protective clothing and headgear to help prevent serious injuries, including helmet.


Today let’s discuss the requirements of helmets. Helmets should be of low weight, ventilated, easy to put on and take off, be usable with spectacles and not impair hearing.


So based on this requirement, we design a ultralight bicycle helmet— B091.

One of the most lightweight helmets on the market, as well as being one of the most well-ventilated and comfortable.


Thanks to high-end in-molding technology that gives helmets superior light weight and strength. The weight is only 190g, which has 12 vents. The exclusive manufacturing process enables the thermoformed polycarbonate shell to be adhered to the exclusive high-density EPS line.


It’s perfect for both high speed road cycling without the visor, and also for off-road rides with the visor.

Our Comfort fitting system holds the helmet steady, even when you’re on the move.


Patent UP-N-DOWN adjustment: we need the adjustment to lock our heads as our back heads have radian. So that head can be completely surrounded by the whole helmet. You can easily adjust it with one hand as you’re riding. Also, you can add your logo & reflect sticker on it.

With B091, make you live the adventure, love the nature, feel the protection of a superlight & safety helmet.