360° Loop Fitting System Makes A Helmet Stable Then Ever

As we all know, a helmet must equip with fitting system, which is also called adjustment & retention system. Adjustment system allows the helmet to be adjusted to fit heads of varying sizes. A good fitting system should have a scientific design, nice quality & durable lifetime.

Traditional fitting system is mainly half coverage. When you tighten the adjustment, your head will be forced ahead to the helmet body! After a long time riding, you will get lots of sweat on forehead. Below are some adjustments for mountain bike helmet.

360° Loop Fitting System 1

Besides traditional half design fitting system, there is also a new kind of full cover design fitting system known as 360° Loop Fitting System!

360° Loop Fitting System design was one that makes a complete loop around the head. Most helmets we touch using a system that is anchored to the shell of the helmet somewhere near the temple. But Aurora Sports New 360° Loop Fitting System wraps completely around the head, which decreases pressure points, and does not force the forehead into the helmet body. This great design creates even pressure all the way around the head.

360° Loop Fitting System 2

As time passed, I think more & more people will enjoy this kind of great design! Aurora Sports will keep devoting to the helmet industry & provide you better wearing experience!