Innovation helmet bike accessories development

Since we have received a lot of positive feedback from our old customers recently about our new helmet + helmet accessories, they are very happy on our R&D capacity on helmet and accessories, Since the core of our company innovation is the upgrade of technology and helmet products + accessories, especially the accessories fitment of each helmet model is very reasonable and very helpful for helmet sales. 🙂

So, here l want to introduce to you about our some of innovation helmet accessories which developed by our R&D team, and some of bicycle helmet accessories has already patented.


  • First generation patent helmet bike adjustment:

The advantage of our first generation adjustor:

  1. The dial of adjustor can be replaced with LED light, when you ride at night time, then the LED light will serve as warning.
  1. If the adjustor gets broken after using a long time, then the end-user can change a new adjustor by themselves, very use-friendly, this advantage would greatly help our brand/distributor customers to stabilise their customer base.
  1. There are three positions on the adjustor which can fit 95% poeple, it can hold our head completely, very comfortable and stability.

helmet accessories development-1

  • Second generation patent helmet adjustor:
  1. There are three positions on the adjustor which can fit 95% poeple, it can 360° hold our head, very comfortable and stability.
  2. The adjustor has added a new holder which is made of soft rubber&plastic combination, 360°size adjustment systems, anti-slip adjustment button, and soft rubber adjustor arms, can bring you a stable and safety experience.

helmet accessories development-2

  • New coming magnet strap buckle:

The advantage of our magnetic buckle:

  1. During riding the bike, even when wearing gloves it can be opened quickly and effortlessly with just one hand. Unlike traditional buckles,there is no risk of the fastener pinching the skin.
  2. With the fasteners from the Aurora helmet buckle product family, magnet buckle is revolutionising the tranditional helmet buckle, the Aurora helmet buckle closes automatically and can be opened with ease by sliding laterally using just two fingers.

helmet accessories development-3

All above accessories are our unique existing resources which can help you to greatly increase your helmet sales if you work with us, if you are doing helmet business, l’m sure that we would be the right helmet supplier you are looking for!