Safety Hat(Industrial) And Safety Helmet(Road)

Although, both safety hat and safety helmets belong to head labor protection products and have very similar functions. However, the two are still different. Therefore, do not use the two instead. Today, let Shenzhen Aurora briefly explain the difference between safety hat and safety helmet.

Difference 1: The difference in structural composition

From an intuitive point of view, the components of a safety hat are a cap shell, a cap lining, a chin strap, and a rear hoop, while a safety helmet is composed of a shell, a cushion layer, a comfort pad, a wearing device, and goggles. Therefore, the safety hat looks like a hat, and the safety helmet is a kind of all-round package, wrapping the head.

Difference 2: The difference in use

Safety hat are generally used in working environments with falling objects to protect workers from or reduce the probability of head injury from external forces.

Safety helmets are generally used in driving to protect the head safety of drivers or passengers, so that they can get an extra guarantee while enjoying the speed and passion.

Difference 3: The difference in performance

According to normal conditions, the importance of a safety hat is about 400g, and the weight of a safety helmet is more than 1kg, which is equivalent to the weight of three safety hat. The main reason is that safety helmets have extra accessories such as head protection area and goggles than safety hat.

Difference 4: Difference in scope of protection

Safety hat are generally aimed at falling objects from high altitudes, so that users can avoid or reduce head injuries from falling objects. The safety helmet is a 360-degree head without dead ends. Also, the impact resistance of safety helmets is much higher than that of safety hat.

It can be seen that safety helmets are better than safety hat in all aspects of performance. However, safety helmets are not only heavy, but also restrict the field of vision. Therefore, it is not suitable for use in the workplace. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a safety hat and a safety helmet according to the actual use occasion.