How to properly wear a bike helmet?

Wearing a helmet is necessary when riding a bicycle. Many people get injured or died due to lacking of head protection. The tragedy can be avoided with an aurora sport bicycle helmet. The purpose of this article for riders on the first journey. You should be able to understand and know the right way to wear a bicycle helmet.

To begin with, I would like to introduce a principle “2V1”

“2” stands for two fingers. The front side of the helmet should be two fingers above your eyebrows;

“V” shape strap is under your ears

“1” stands for one finger. You should leave one finger space under your chin.

Secondly, you can gentle move the helmet with two hands hold the two side to see if it is stable. It should be tightly sit on your head. If not, please adjust the buckle to tight it.

Lastly, the level of helmet should be aligned with your vision. it must be able to make sure there is no cover on your vision. If not, please make adjustment.

Let’s not just wear a helmet but also wear it in a correct way to protect our life and have a safe trip. We manufacture high-quality and safety helmet and ready to help you customize helmets.