Reasons to Wear A Helmet

It seems like not a cool thing to wear a bicycle helmet, but if you want to protect your head from injuries caused by falling down from bicycle, wearing a bicycle helmet is the essential. There’re ten reasons to wear a bike helmet.

  1. Protect Your Head and Brain

Injuries to the head are one of the main causes of death and traumatic brain injury for cyclists in traffic accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, bicycle helmets are 85 to 88 percent effective in mitigating head and brain injuries. This fact makes helmets the single most effective way to reduce your risk of a traumatic brain injury or death.

  1. Improve Your Ability to See

When the weather is less than ideal, and precipitation is part of your bike ride, a helmet can improve your capacity to see other drivers on the road, as well as potential hazards, by keeping water or snow out of your eyes (when the helmet has a visor). Likewise, a helmet with a visor can also help to shade your face and improve your vision by mitigating the effects of sunlight on your eyes.

  1. You’ll Be Following the Law

There is no over-arching state law in Washington that mandates cyclists to wear a helmet. However, there are some local ordinances—such as one in Bellevue—that require all or certain riders to wear a helmet.

  1. Set a Pattern for Children

If you are already a mom or dad, wearing a helmet is not only for your health and safety, but also for your kids’ education. By enforcing the use of helmets in your home, you can save your life and the life of your children from potential dangers. You will be impressed by the following data. According to The Children’s Safety Network, in 2005, children under the age of 15 accounted for 53 percent of bicycle injuries treated in emergency room departments. (When finding a bicycle helmet for your child, make sure it fits!)

  1. Keep Your Head Warm and Dry

If you are riding bikes when the weather is wet or chilly, a bicycle helmet can help to keep your head nice and dry. In turn, this can contribute to trapping escaping heat from your body, keeping you warm and comfortable while riding.

  1. Improve Your Visibility for Others on the Road

Not only will a helmet help to improve your visibility (i.e. help you be able to see others), but wearing a helmet can also contribute to make you more visible to other riders. When choosing a helmet, opt for a brightly colored one, or adding reflective tape to your helmet, to help drivers seeing you when it is dark.

  1. Protect Your Face

Not only does a helmet protect your brain and your head, but it can also protect your face. It is uncommon for facial injuries to be fatal, but can be extremely painful, caused disfigured, which costs thousands of dollars to be corrected by medical intervention.

  1. Avoid High Medical Bills

If you were an accident without wearing a helmet when riding, the risk of having gigantic medical bills is much higher. These medical bills might not only be immediate—i.e. emergency room costs, costs of emergency surgeries, etc.—but also long-lasting. If suffering a brain injury and lose common functions for the rest of life, long-term and intensive therapy and daily care from others is a must. The number on the bill is incredible high.

  1. Be Stylish

Wearing a helmet does not have to be an unattractive or bland thing to do; you can show off your personal style by choosing a helmet that fits your personality, or adding stickers, decals, etc. to it. To incentivize your children to wear their helmets, let them choose their color, design, etc. as well.

  1. Reduce Your Risk of Being Found Partially At-fault in a Claim for Damages

In most cases, it is car driver’s full fault when a crash happened between a car and a bicycle. However, the driver has a chance to transfer partial of responsibility to the rider and pay less if he or she didn’t wear a helmet by then. We can mitigate this risk before it happens by wearing your helmet.

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