Why should you wear a safety helmet?

It is a common practice to wear a safety helmet on-site. However, the importance of wearing a safety helmet on-site has never been emphasized enough and always being underestimated because of lacking safety awareness and trusting to luck both from employers and workers.

Risk always stays with people on-site regardless of your position,nationality,gender…

Wearing a safety helmet is a critical measure to protect people away from injuries, even death. The purpose of this article is to remind people the key points and meaning of wearing a safe helmet.

why it is so important to wear a safety helmet on-site?

  • Increases the chance of survival In Accidents:If facing any accidental situation on-site, safety helmet could protect our head and increase the possibility of survival.
  • Against Head Injuries:each helmet has to be tested on impact absorption and penetration because they are designed to protect workers from a flying or falling objects.
  • Personnel identification: Different color safety helmet could help people to quicklyrecognize their identification.
  • Sun Protection:shield worker’s head from being exposed under sunshine in case they need to work longer under that condition.

Below are examples of sites that people must wear a safety helmet:

Power generation, Iron tower, BTS station, Coal mining, Work at height, Offshore oil and gas, Plumber, Mobile plant maintenance, Aircraft Maintenance, Hiking, Roof cleaning, Sea rescue, Civil infrastructure, Pulp&paper, Cable car maintenance, Petrochemical refining etc.

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