The importance of wearing helmet

We’re avid bike riders and used to be of unaware of wearing helmets. Whether taking short trips to the market or riding on longer excursions, we simply didn’t wear them because they were bulky, hot, and unconscious of the importance. This all changed 10 years ago when my colleague was hit by a car, luckily limping away with only bumps and bruises. We knew we couldn’t go on like this and decided to design and engineer a helmet that would actually suit our lifestyles. After endless research and development, we finally created the perfect helmet.


Nowadays, more and more people like riding at night, However, it is not enough by wearing the normal helmet during the daytime, they do need LED bike helmet as warning service while cycling;That’s why we develop LED bike helmet for meeting the market demand.


l’m writing to introduce our new design LED bike helmet AU-R6, The in-mold road bike helmet with integrated LED light, Led button and microUSB port which can be rechargeable by USB charger.

There are two advantages of LED light:

1. The Led light can be freely switched by 7 different flash color, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white.
2. There are five different flash modes : scroller, keep flashing, stationary light, etc…
3. The polymer battery can be rechargeable repeatedly, the recharging time is: 1.5H, the working hour of battery is 9 hours. ( the LED light and button are all water-proof).

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